Best Twitter Tips From Semalt Digital Services

Twitter is one of the best and widely popular social media platforms. It is an easy way to get more followers, more clicks, and shares online. By sharing your content on Twitter, you can be assured of getting lots of visibility, based on the number of your followers. Twitter represents a lot of marketing opportunities and provides various chances of distributing content, engaging people online, and promoting your brand. Here, Artem Abgarian, the Semalt Senior Customer Success Manager, discussed some of the best ways to get the more value of your tweets and social media accounts.

Schedule your tweets frequently

You must pay attention to scheduling your posts and image-related tweets at an optimal time. One of the major mistakes we make is that we don't share posts and do not keep our Twitter account updated. It is important to share things and engaging stuff three to four times a day so that more and more people get attracted towards your tweets. Doing so will guarantee that you increase the number of your Twitter followers and are able to spread your word in a better way. It is highly recommended that you have done scheduling every hour so that your followers remain engaged.

Create a new homepage with brand new lists

Another thing you can do is create one or two homepages with brand new lists and engaging content. Take advantage of Twitter ads and keep an eye on the comments' box to reply all the queries. That will ultimately get you lots of Twitter followers, thus increasing your site's visibility and credibility on the internet. Your Twitter homepage can be of any niche or subject, based on your interest and the requirements of your audience.

Reshare content to Twitter

If you believe that sharing content once in a while on Twitter is enough, let me tell you that you have made a terrible mistake. Different tech experts and digital marketers claim that resharing content to Twitter and Facebook is essential for a brand's survival on the internet. Thus, you should not stop sharing the content once it has been shared. Instead, you should share the pleasant things now and then to make sure that the users' engagement level is maintained throughout.

Ignore the following-follower ratio

There is no need to worry about your following-follower ratio. Instead, you should keep working hard and keep sharing new things on Twitter, no matter how many followers you have online. Pay more attention to your users' engagement than checking the following-follower ratio once or twice a day. Let me here tell you that it would surely increase your social media presence and can keep your brand live in the eyes of your Twitter followers for a lifetime.


In the end, we would like to say that there are tons of Twitter programs and tools that can manage the quality of your followers. You can use these tools to unfollow and block fake accounts. Make sure the followers you get are all authentic and legitimate so that the qualities of your website as well as your social media presence are maintained until the end.

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